Be a Good Steward

Be a Good Steward

Today was full of revelation and confirmation. Starting with this from the @doubleportionco . Yesterday I was just thinking about how I can’t expect God to bless me with more or better if I’m not taking care of what I currently have. He’s not going to give me more money if I’m being irresponsible with what I have now. He’s not going to give me the opportunity/job I really want if I’m half assing at my current one. He’s not going to bless me with a bigger house, if I don’t take care of the one I live in now. He’s not going to strengthen my relationships if my consistent effort is lacking. I can’t expect HIM to miraculously do anything if I’m not doing my part. James 2:20


God cannot give you millions until you’ve learned to manage your thousands!
– Unknown

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