Double For My Trouble

Double For My Trouble

Double for my trouble is what they said.
And I believe HIM wholeheartedly…
I can’t wait for the day.

To be truly healed from all my pain,
living out my purpose,
doing what God has called me to do.

In the mean time,
in between time,
is what really got my like…ehh!

You need to get it together
and not be moved by what you see or don’t see.

You already got the promise.
Be obedient and just do what he says.

Ain’t no other way.

To get through, you gotta go through.

Even if it’s crawling on your knees.
Crying yourself to sleep.
Praying without ceasing.
And worshipping until you can no longer speak.

Do whatever it takes to please God because he will supply all your needs.

Put your expectation in him and he will always exceed.

Don’t worry, he’s you’re strength whenever your weak.

Keep your eyes on him and he’ll lead.

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