Let’s Try This Again

Let’s Try This Again

You have probably heard of The Love Dare! You may have even completed it. 🙄 If you’re like me though, you’ve probably attempted it several times and failed.

My husband and I are coming up on our 4-year wedding anniversary. 👏🏾 Like any marriage we’ve had our highs and we’ve had our “we’re deep down in a black hole” days. 😫😂 These past days/months have been high though. Thank God! 🙌🏾 We still have many things to work on, so why not “start” with this dare.

So, why did I decide to start TODAY… August 16th?

If you know me you know that I’m big on numbers.
If you don’t know me, you’ll pick up on it through out my content, probably.
Actually, I just don’t like odd numbers.
Ironically though, my husband and I got married in 2013. 😫
But, that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Anyway, why today?

  1. The Love Dare is 40 days
  2. My 28th birthday is in 40 days (Sept 26th)

I am declaring that 28 will be a major year for me! A lot great things are going to happen this year and why not start it off with a great(er) marriage.

If you didn’t know:

According to Wikipedia, The Love Dare is a 40-day Christian devotional designed to strengthen marriages. Each daily devotion includes a scripture, a statement of principle, the day’s dare and a journaling area and check box chart progress.

All my journaling will be done right here, on my blog. 🖥 I will probably be posting my “journal entries” the day after the actual day. So I will officially be done the day after my birthday!

Let’s Go! 💃🏽 – Day 1

Side Note: My husband has no idea, that I’m doing this dare. Of course, he knows about my blog, but I told him I’m still designing the website and I want to “launch” it on my birthday.😂 I will probably vlog his response, so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel

Have you attempted or completed The Love Dare too?
Have you wanted to try but just haven’t?
Tell me all about it in the comments below.

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  1. Absolutely adore this! We are so similar- our 4 year anniversary is this year too!! We were married on paper May 10 but our wedding was August 24!! And we too have had highs and lows. My dad read this book before our wedding and sent out 10 prayers based on this book before our wedding to all family and friends who were attending- it was so special (http://beyondblessedblog.com/10/). We also made weekly questions based on this book (http://beyondblessedblog.com/weekly-questions/). I read it years ago, but think it might be time to try it again! Thanks for the reminder!


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