What’s For You Will Be Yours

What’s For You Will Be Yours

So let me start by saying what’s for you, will be yours. NO MATTER WHAT! Doesn’t matter what it is. 

I graduated from high school in 2006 with my Cosmetology license. After working at a salon for 3 years and going to college to be Anesthesiologist or Radiologist for a year and a half, I decided to stop working at the salon and change my major to Criminal Justice, in effort to become a Private Investigator. After a semester and hella research, I decided that I would keep this desire as just a hobby 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️. By the this time MySpace and BlackPlanet was the thing and I was one of those people (a semi-nerd is what I called myself) that had the best pages because I would spend hours learning the codes to customize everything. This led to me doing other peoples’ pages and thinking, I should be getting paid to do this!

 So I researched website and graphic design degrees. I had a good paying job so I didn’t want to go anywhere far for school. It was between Wilmington College, which is Wilmington University now and the Philadelphia Art Institute. I picked WILMU! I didn’t tell nobody, ask nobody, didn’t worry about how I was gonna pay for it. I just did it! 💃🏽 Applied in June of 2008 and started in August. Worked full time and as a independent contractor until 2011, while going to school full time. I finished my last class while on bed rest in the hospital with my first daughter. I interned at KISS 101.7 (Delaware’s local station) with Mellie Mel, Rob Jay and Jay Nyce. I got to meet and record interviews of many artists, including my old “crush”, The Game. 😍 I got my Bachelors in Multimedia Media Design January of 2012 and I started Kynni Blake Inc and taking on “real” projects. You know like a legit business with a tax ID and all. Mean while I decided to get my Masters degree in Internet Marketing, which I did in 2014 while pregnant with my second daughter and working full time and doing KBINC projects and while trying to be a good wife and mother. 

2015 God told me to leave my job in PA as a Campaign Coordinator and work for him, focus on my family and expand my business. I talked to my husband and he was with it, so I pitched my own position at my church. I created a whole presentation, presented to the Pastor and ended being the Media Director for almost 2 years. Looking back, these years were full of lessons. Overworking, underpaid, learning about “the church”, the good, the bad, the ugly, church business, business period, ministry, all the while I ended up neglecting my family, and myself even more.

2017 I took on a job that had nothing to do with my degrees to try something different, be able to buy a house and help provide for my family, which I ended up hating and didn’t really accomplish much of that. We just had more money to spend on things, more than half of which we don’t even have now.

2018 I said to myself, my husband and most of my family that I didn’t want to go back to the job I hate after my maternity leave was over. I was due July 4th. The plan was to take a few months off, find a job and be back to work by January 2019 with a job that I wanted. Zora came June 29th. I started applying for jobs the end of July. I wanted something that I could do remotely and I knew the interview process for the type of jobs I wanted wasn’t quick. At first I was only applying to remote positions/ companies. I applied to almost 50 jobs. 😩 Mind you this is through Indeed.com or Linkedin.com. I only do quick apply, where I send my resume and cover letter, and answer basic questions like when can you start, salary requirements, etc. I never fill out a full application, that basically has you copy and pasting the information from your resume. I’ve probably actually filled out an full application, like 5 times since 2004. The jobs I apply to usually don’t even ask.

So September comes, I’ve prolly applied to 50 more jobs by now, had like 10 interviews online. No offers! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Meanwhile I’m back working this job that I hate because money is beyond tight. And my husband and I are going through, which makes being there even worse. But I’m praying that God comes through with this job. I specifically asked for the following things:

  1. Related to my degrees in Web and Graphic Design and/or Internet Marketing
  2. Work from home and make my own schedule/no weekends so I could be able to do more house duties, have time for the the girls to do activities during the week and so we could travel
  3. Agency style, and/or not dealing with a industry that I had no interest in like Health Care or Financial Institutions
  4. Career Development to work towards my ultimate goal of being a contracted Digital Project Manager or Consultant
  5. Not to manage a team of people but to also delegate work and not do everything myself
  6. And more money of course

So late November comes. More applying, a bunch of interviews, no offers. This is really the first time in my life that I haven’t been able to find a job at the “snap of a finger”. 🙄 Those that really know me know that I’m always working. Working, sleeping, going to school and going out was my thing before I met my husband. I’ve always had at least 2 jobs since I was 14 and not because I had to work but because I wanted to buy what I wanted, when I wanted it. So this was really taking a tole on me mentally and emotionally. Not to mention the fact that at this point, my husband and I had been separated for a little over a month. So I’m stressing out and losing weight all the got darn weight that I was happy to gain during my pregnancy. 😔 And I’m really talking to God like “what’s up?”. I’m waiting for you to come through! 🙏🏽

So late December comes. December 23, 2018 was the las time I applied for a job. As of that date, from July 2018, I applied for 130 jobs! 👀 Yes, I checked. On December 21, 2018 I applied for a Digital Marketing Analyst position. This stood out to me because the posting was short and sweet, and said I would be cover a wide variety of digital marketing duties, located in Wilmington, De.

Matter a fact this is exactly what it said…

Are you outgoing? Are you organized? Do you pay attention to details?

The Digital Marketing Analyst will cover a wide variety of digital marketing duties for….

The successful candidate will provide research, analytical and administrative support to the digital marketing department including support for websites, social media, create or pull monthly reports and handle all customer service inquiries.

Essential Functions And Responsibilities

  • Audit digital ad campaigns to evaluate and maximize performance.
  • Organize digital ad campaign structure
  • Work with the Operations Manager to maintain and update websites and special projects
  • Create and maintain analytic reporting for various projects and websites
  • Remains abreast of existing and emerging technologies, processes, products, services and leading industry performance benchmarks.

Qualifications include 1-3 years’ experience in digital marketing and analytics, knowledge of HTML and CSS, proficient in Outlook, Microsoft Office, Adobe Premier. Must have a valid driver’s license and be able to provide own transportation to and from all work activities. Well-developed communications skills needed.

Everything was a go except the outgoing part 😂 but that’s subjective.

So I applied, through Indeed.com. It asked me for my name, phone number, resume, cover letter and salary requirements. Mind you I put $60,000 for my salary requirements, which will be important to remember later and reiterates “what’s for you, will be yours no matter what”.

So I applied and immediately got an email saying “Complete your application: Digital Marketing Analyst

… would like you to complete this additional step your application to be considered. If you’ve already completed this, no additional action is needed on your part.”

So I clicked the link and it took me to their website to fill out an application. Now I already told y’all I don’t ever fill out applications, so I didn’t. 🙅🏽

Went on 2 more days applying for jobs. Then it was the eve of Christmas Eve, so I said I would chill for a week. Now this week, as I write this I am “realizing” that this the week my husband told me he was filing for a divorce. (I’m gonna let y’all imagine the emojis that would go here) Then December 28th, I got call from a unknown number, so I didn’t answer. Checked my messages and it was “Beth” from some company, she spoke so fast I couldn’t really understand but she said it was about the Digital Marketing Analyst position I applied for. So I called her back, she didn’t answer, so I left a message. I get a call from the same number about 30 minutes later. 

I answered and the woman asked for Mary. 

I said “No, this is Kendra. Kendra Todd.” 

She said “Oh, I meant to call Mary. I’m sorry! But I’m glad I’m talking to you.”

She went on to say that she was impressed with my background and wanted to know if I was available to come in for an interview after the holidays when she’s back in the office. Of course I was, so we set it up for Jan 8th. 🙌🏽 So that was over a week a way. Mind you, I hadn’t been applying to anymore jobs and didn’t plan on it till after the holidays.

Tuesday, January 8th came and I had to meet my husband that morning to give him the girls because Tuesday was one of his days. I ended up having to meet him at the place where my interview was because he had to pick up his Mom from the airport that morning and the times were close.

So he met me. Mind you I didn’t tell him anything about the place or the interview. At this point, for the past 3 weeks, we only talk about the kids. My interview was at 10am. I told him to meet me at 9:30am. I can’t remember why  but for some reason I was late, as usual though, and ended up getting there at 9:45am because I also got “lost”. I remember vividly that he was playing ADIDAS by Ro James and which made my stomach cringed. 😖

But I was wondering why he was even playing that at 9:45am in the morning, with his mom in the car. Those of you who know words of the songs, know what I am talking about. But I guess it’s relevant because the song does say “all day I dream about…” 🤦🏽‍♀️

And I guess his mom didn’t realize what was being said because she was so tired from her weekend of watching her grandkids in Virginia and flying in that morning.

But anyway I pull up to the building. I gather my emotions, pray and go in. The receptionist was very pleasant. Wait, so I forgot the part where David, my husband – for those that didn’t know his name, called and asked if place for the WDEL 1150 radio station and I was like “uhhh I don’t know” I never been there.”

Now I’m the type of person that researches everything. And I did the same thing with this because of course you want to research a company that you a trying to work for. The position was listed under one company, but within the job description it said I would be doing duties for another company, neither of those companies were WDEL1150. So I had assumed maybe they were their client because I did see their logo on the website. 🤷🏽‍♀️

So I went in there and met with the General Manager and the Operations Manager. She started off by mentioning my internship at KISS 101.7 because they bought the company that owned them a few years ago. 😳 I had no idea and was surprised that she even new what it was before she explained because on my resume it was listed as their actual business name QC Communications, not KISS 101.7. I usually end up explaining it myself. interviews. So they are a communications/broadcasting company that has 9 major radio stations and a digital media agency that does design and marketing, which is the side I was interviewing for.

The interview went well. In a nutshell, they needed someone that would basically be the middle man between the design and marketing department and sales department to make sure stuff is getting done right and on time and/or actually do it; designing websites and developing digital marketing campaigns and handle reports. Exactly what I know how to and want to do. She also went on say that I would work whatever time between 8am-6pm, no weekends, eventually be able to work from home, etc, etc. 

Everything thing that I prayed for basically! 🙌🏽 Ya’ll this was basically a made up position that they want me to make into my own based on my skills, the business’ and the client’s needs. I asked what the next steps were and she said they had a few other interviews, but I should hear something back by Friday. I left feeling confident that I got! I went back to my car and prayed. Then to my mother in law’s house to get the girls. I ended up having a good conversation with her and everything going on.

Thursday, January 10th came and I got an email from their HR Business Partner asking to meet with me. Now, I’ve never interviewed with HR after interviewing with the managers, so I’m thinking she just gonna offer me the job on the spot. 

So we set up the meeting for Monday, January 14th because I had planned on going out of town the next day because our anniversary was Saturday and I wanted to get away – I didn’t get away though 😔!

Monday came again I gathered my emotions, prayed and went it. Once again this woman thought I was somebody else too, another Kendra Todd though. And the interview ended up being more of a conversation about ethics, company culture and life skills. It ended up getting REAL personal and emotional. We both shared something things about life and what not. She actually lives in the development I grew up in. But any who, it went well. She said they were hesitent to even bring me in because I asked for $60,000 and that wasn’t in their budget, but she said she didn’t want to pass me up. Again, what’s for you is for you! I told, I appreciated the opportunity to meet with them and asked is what they were offering was negotiable, I asked about the benefits, bonuses, raises, etc because the offer was perfect for now, given that I am now living with my parents and have less bills. But in a few years, it would definitely have to be more. 🤔 She basically said she honestly sees that if I impress them enough since this is a new position, I could get more money next year.

In my head I’m thinking well regardless it’s basically my dream job and it’s still thousands of dollars more than I what making where I was working, which was good money, soooooo we good!

So calm and collected I said,  “This job is everything that I’ve been praying for, so the pay is something that I would be willing to compromise on.”

So she said “Okay, great! Do you want a tour?”

I said “Sure!”

So even though they have 3 locations, the each office are small. She literally is introduced me to everybody, showing me the studios, where the artists go and what not. And they we see Jay Nyce, the dude that I was the assistant to during my internship and we spoke for a minute and caught up. He mentioned my mother in law and how she was still doing a spot on FAITH 1510 and what not. I didn’t even know he was still with them though and they didn’t say nothing about him during my first interview. But it was glad to see he was doing well after KISS “shut down”. But I met a bunch of people and got to the other end of the building and she said that she wanted me to meet the President but he’s wasn’t in his office.

So we went back to her office and she said she needed to speak with the President, the General Manager and the Operations Manager before they make any offers, so I should expect to hear something back by Friday, January 18th. At this point, I’m like Lord, what are you doing to me. I needed this job like yesterday.

So Friday comes and no calls, no emails. So emailed the her to follow up.

Monday, January 21st comes. She called me at 10am but I missed the called. She left a message and sent a email saying she wanted to speak with me but she has training until 12pm, so let her know when I was available.

A few hours later she called and officially offered me the position! 🙌🏽 She explained everything that they were offering to me again and that they wanted me to start January 28th. And this was contingent upon, passing a background and drug test and my laptop being ordered and delivered by then. Honestly as she was saying this, I was like I was glad I didn’t smoke recently because I really thought about it. I don’t even smoke though y’all. And I was glad that I didn’t bust nobody’s windows or pull up on nobody because I thought about that too.

But anyway, I accepted and I said I would do the drug test asap. Thanked her several times. Hung up the phone and praised God with Zora and cried. 😢 Zora knows the real man! The good, the bad, the ugly. We have an unspoken connection for real. Since she was in my belly till now, the conversations, the prayers, the worship, the tears, the arguments, the sickness; she’s been there through it all.

I know this post was super long. Way longer than I planned, it was just suppose to be for Instagram. But I said all that to say again… What’s for you is for you! It will be yours no matter what. It might take a year or over 6 years, almost 10 if count when I actually started pursing this. Even if you don’t do all the things like your supposed to, like not filling out the application or “asking for too much” with my salary. What’s for you, will be yours!

Don’t give up, stay prayed up, believe in yourself, trust God!

And he will do it. He probably won’t do it like you want him to, but he will do what’s best for you. Remember I said I didn’t want to go back to the job I hated after my maternity leave and wanted to be working again by January 2019. And I ended up having to go back to that horrible place, with my life “turned upside down”, he still made it happen in January 2019! 🙌🏽 I got plenty of answered prayers to speak on. Make sure you turn on your post notifications.

Whatever it is that you’re believing God for, be patient. 

If it’s in HIS will for you to have it, it will be yours. 

No matter what or how long it takes.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” 

Jeremiah 29:11

What are you believing God for?
Are you looking for your dream job?
Tell me about it in the comments!

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